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talking on the cell phones and tempting. traffic officers from law enforcement agencies throughout san mateo county are taking part. officers issued more than 200 citations during a similar crackdown early this year. >> it appears many of us are willing to pay for a faster commute. revenue from bay area toll lanes are higher than projected. they allow solo drivers to pay a fee and jump if lanes normally reserved for car poolers. our media partner reports that toll lane revenue on highway 237 is more than 50 percent above projection. the toll users save 5 minutes to 20 minutes compared to other drivers. southbound interstate 680 is bringing up more toll revenue than expected at 33 percent higher on the sue -- sunol grid. time is money, as they say. >> indeed. this morning, time -- you will need extra to get to work. >> is that right, mike? >> from sheas to sausalito we have light rain. this is moving to the east. american canyon, napa, sonoma, you will get wet again. you can see this crosses over into san francisco right along near at&t park and headed down to the south and over near oa
. >> five bay area police departments will join law enforcement agencies around the world in a first ever 24-hour police tweet athon. the police departments are participating with 160 agencies worldwide to create awareness of police work and the issues that the officers face. they want to promote the use of social media by law enforcement and will tweet various service calls throughout the day starting at 8:00 a.m. agencies will use the say hashtag "plopwt." a preschooler teacher accused of trying to drug toddlers in her care is charged with ten misdemeanor counts of child endangerment. a fellow teacher in morgan hill saw her putting the over-the-counter sleep aid into sippy cups. she supervisorred map -- nap time for children one to two. >> the woman who died about being raped on santa cruz campus will face charges. the student told investigators she was searching for banana slugs along a campus trail and was beaten and assaulted. a campus alert was throughed and a sketch of a suspect was released but she admitted the truth a few days later. >> activists are going to undress when they stage
will sweep law and we could have a real short period of steady, light rain, and scattered showers for tomorrow. still looking at rainfall amounts on the very low side around .05" in the south bay and maybe up to 1" in the north bay mountains but that is generous. temperatures are cooler tomorrow and then the 60's and 70's come back through the weekend and into next week. sue? >> a nice live shot for the commute across the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city. the tail lights on the flat section headed westbound, everyone is moving at the limit at 15-minute drive from both sides of the bay. otherwise, we are looking at the road work or your drive from the central valley right now, you can see the yellow road censors slowing through the altamont pass and it picks up at the limit all the way to dublin/pleasanton interchange. now we will look at the road work on the south bay peninsula side, 101 northbound, from ellis to moffitt in lanes for another 15 minutes. >> new details of florida where police say a potential campus massacre was narrowly averted. police at the university
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3